As a guest & side projects

«Erucu», Instrumental song

  From the movie «Mahogany» with Diana Ross

1975 (Tamla / Motown Records)

Composed & performed by Jermaine

Tata Vega, album: «Try my love»

1978 (Tamla / Motown records)

Featuring Jermaine on bass

Motown Sounds, album: «Space Dance»

1979 ( Motown records)

Featuring Jermaine on bass

Rita Coolidge, album: «Never let you go»

1983 (A&M records)

Including «We’ve got tonight» in duet with Jermaine

Pia Zadora, album «Let’s dance tonight»

1984 (Curb records)

   Including «When the rain begins to fall» in duet with Jermaine

The song also features on Jermaine’s album «Dynamite»

Jermaine & Pia Zadora, single «Si se pone a llover»

1984 (Arista Records Spain)

A spanish version of «When the rain begins to fall»

sung by Jermaine & Pia Zadora

Rockwell, single «Somebody’s watching me»

January 1984 (Motown Records)

Featuring Jermaine on the original recording

Jay Gruska, album: «Wich one of us is me»

1984 (Warner bros.)

Featuring Jermaine on background vocals

Melissa, album:  «Confesiones»

1986 (Telediscos Mexico)

Including «Confesiones» in duet with Jermaine 

«You are so beautiful» (cover song of Billy Preston)


Live song performed by Jermaine in honor of Suzanne DePasse

Jermaine was introduced on stage by Barry White

American award ceremony

«Shout» TV trailer for QTV 9 Australia


Promotional  song performed by Jermaine

Barry White, album: «Just for you»

1992 ( Island/ Mercury)

Featuring Jermaine on background vocals

Various Artists, album: «An American Dream»

1992 ( Motown Records)

Including «The dream goes on»  performed by Jermaine &

«Stay with love» a duet with Jermaine and Syreeta Wright

   Theresa Rhodes, album: «Quiet storm»

      1994 ( Dusty Records/ Disques office)

      Including «Save tomorrow»  a duet with Jermaine & Theresa Rhodes

   Another radio edit version  is sung by Jermaine



Live song performed by Jermaine

for the Jackson family honors in Las Vegas

Featuring brother Tito on guitar

Edgard Winter, album: «Real Deal»

1996 (Intersound/ P.E.R records)

Including «The real deal» in duet with Jermaine

«Free at Last»

July 1998

Live song performed by Jermaine & John Pretorius

for Nelson Mandela 80th birthday in South Africa

                   Jermaine Jackson & Lydia, Single «I’m feeling good (right now)»

               1999 ( Full space / M10 Universal France)

           Duet song

Jermaine Jackson «Strange what (desire can do)»

2000 ( Full space / M10 Universal France)

    Single song

Jermaine Jackson «Through your eyes»

2001 ( AW Music Entertainment Germany)

    Single song

«Let’s start right now»

May 19th 2003

Live song performed by Jermaine on The View -

(American TV Show)

Kenan Thompson, album «Good Times»

2004 (Warzone records LLC)

Featuring Jermaine on phone drop

Al Walser «Living A Dream»

       2005 (Tyrolis music)

        Featuring Jermaine

«Over the rainbow», charity album UK

2007 (UCJ music / Universal music)

Including «The time of my life»

A duet with Jermaine and Jocelyn Brown

            Al Walser & MJ all stars «Living your dream», charity song

       2009 (Zoom / Zyx music)

        Featuring Jermaine

Adnan Sami, album: «Ek ladki deewani si»

2009 (Tseries India)

Including «Let’s go to Mumbai city»

in duet with Jermaine

Howard Johnson, «every little thing»

2010 (KD cosmic music)

Featuring Jermaine

Sonu Nigam, single «This is it»

2011 (Universal music)

Featuring Jermaine

Dealz, single «That’s how I feel»

2011 (Siggy Music)

Featuring Jermaine & Jackie Jackson

Sofia Marikh, single «My first»

Music Video 2011

Cover song of Barry White

in duet with Jermaine

                    Jermaine Jackson, single «The first time you love»

                     2011 ( Dennis Ross, III Music / Adrianne Johnson Ross Publishing)

              Single song


              «A Merry Christmas»,  charity song

                   2011 ( Dionne Warwick  prod. / itunes)

               Featuring Jermaine

                Jermaine Jackson «Blame it on the boogie»

                2011 (Airplay / Universal Music Division UMSM)

                       Single song

Jeronimo, «Flying Solo»

2013 (Jeronimomusic)

Featuring Jermaine on vocals